About TeesAMP

TeesAMP is a new 11 hectare site that will address the national shortage of high quality buildings suitable for modern advanced manufacturing companies and processes.

Invest in the future of UK manufacturing

Representing an investment of £55m – and counting – TeesAMP will make a significant contribution to the economy of Tees Valley attracting excellent firms and the jobs they will bring.

Funding comes from Middlesbrough Council (£12.5m); Tees Valley Combined Authority (£7.65m); SSI Taskforce (£2.3m) as well as substantial private investment.

Set in a prime location in Middlesbrough at the heart of Tees Valley, TeesAMP will provide a 21st century environment designed to encourage the clustering of like-minded businesses from a variety of industrial sectors.

The modern facilities will help businesses maximise potential for products and services and help Tees Valley become synonymous with advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies.

Phase one

Phase one will include 180,000 sqft of space with more units designed to bespoke specifications in phase two – all set in well designed, high specification buildings in a quality landscaped environment with extensive open spaces.

The investment also includes £25 million in an anaerobic digester which will use food and biological waste to create power.